Episode 11: Knott's Berry Farm, Tension, and Catharsis

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In this thrilling episode, Buddy and Alice return from a research expedition to Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California, to talk a little about Tension--Literary, Narrative, and Physical--in the Roller Coaster experience. 

How do Xcelerator: The Ride, Hangtime, Silver Bullet, and Jaguar employ principles of tension in their design? When is tension healthy and welcoming, versus unhealthy and dangerous? How do stories, thrill rides, and catharsis relate to each other? Listen in to find out! 

Those Happy Places is produced by Alice White and edited by Buddy Duquesne. Our theme music is "Golden Gate" by The California Feetwarmers, featuring Phil Alvin. Additional music comes from Podington Bear, available through the Free Music Archive.

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Tracks Used: Boop, Breezin, Bit Rio, Conveyor Belt, Baile

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