Episode 24: Motion as Metaphor

Episode 24 Cover.jpg

In this comparative episode, Buddy and Alice explore how motion in rides and attractions can be used to gesture towards an experience, place riders in the mindset of a character, or imply themes of a story. Listen in to find out how motion itself is the language of attractions—and how it mimics the written word in literature!

Featuring discussions on Soarin’, Riddler’s Revenge, Superman, The Hulk, Splash Mountain, Dumbo’s Flying Circus, and the Mad Tea Party. Small asides on Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean, naturally.

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Those Happy Places is Produced by Alice White and Edited By Buddy Duquesne. Our theme song is Golden Gate by the California Feetwarmers, Featuring Phil Alvin.

Additional music comes from Kevin Macleod. All Tracks Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License. Tracks in this Episode: Bummin on Tremolo, Airship Serenity, In Your Arms, Off to Osaka, Casa Bossa Nova, Hyperfun, Space 1990, The Descent, Breaktime, Fig Leaf Rag, Chee Zee Beach, I Knew a Guy, Poppers and Prosecco.

Buddy Duquesne