Episode 33: Interview with April Neal and A.D. Gladu of PGAV Destinations!

Episode 33 Cover.jpg

Join Alice and Buddy on another fantastic interview with two amazing themed entertainment professionals from PGAV Destinations! April Neal is a Designer and Retail Expert, and A.D. Gladu is a Creative Writer. What kinds of advantages does a themed space have over other forms of media for storytelling? Where do stories begin in the planning process? How does one write the story beats of an attraction before it’s even built? How do designers and writers ensure they convey their stories to every guest? What drives us to take evidence of our trips with us, and how do we find ourselves telling our own stories about them? How do parks form their own mythologies and histories?

All this and more on this latest episode of Those Happy Places!

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Those Happy Places is Produced by Alice White and Edited By Buddy Duquesne. Our theme song is Golden Gate by the California Feetwarmers, Featuring Phil Alvin.

Additional music comes from Kevin Macleod. All Tracks Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License. Tracks in this Episode: Bummin on Tremolo, Awesome Call, Long Stroll, George Street Shuffle, Apero Hour, Crinoline Dreams, Off to Osaka, No Good Layabout, Mining By Moonlight, Airport Lounge, Samba Isobel, Lobby Time, Nowhere Land

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