Episode 31: Fandom, Fan Events, and Rainbow Capitalism

Episode 31 Cover.jpg

In this long-awaited episode, Buddy and Alice tackle the complex relationship of the Disney Parks and their fans. What are some unique ways in which fans engage with parks versus other forms of media? Can a business like Disney ever really give as good as it gets from the fans? To what extent is Disney’s involvement in fan communities necessary, or even welcome?

Also featuring a conversation on Gay Days, Rainbow Capitalism, and Disney’s historic relationship and ongoing growth towards the LGBTQ+ community. Can a major corporation with a history of problematic behavior genuinely do the work of increasing inclusion and diversity?

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Those Happy Places is Produced by Alice White and Edited By Buddy Duquesne. Our theme song is Golden Gate by the California Feetwarmers, Featuring Phil Alvin.

Additional music comes from Kevin Macleod. All Tracks Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License. Tracks in this Episode: Bummin on Tremolo, Awesome Call, Long Stroll, Dark Hallway, No Good Layabouts, Glitter Blast, Opportunity Walks, Covert Affair, Crinoline Dreams, George Street Shuffle, Airport Lounge, Bossa Antigua, Off to Osaka, Feather Waltz, Midnight Tale

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