Bonus Episode: Building a Game of Thrones Theme Park

Bonus Thrones Cover.jpg

In this once-thought-lost bonus episode, Alice and Buddy discuss the challenges and possibilities in the construction of a hypothetical Game of Thrones Theme Park. How does the property resist adaptation into a themed space? What inspiration can we take from existing attractions? What are the strengths of existing medieval themed spaces?

Featuring very general spoilers for much of the show and existing books. While we’re not a recap show in the slightest, we assume at least a familiarity with the broad events of the story!

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Those Happy Places is Produced by Alice White and Edited By Buddy Duquesne. Our theme song is Golden Gate by the California Feetwarmers, Featuring Phil Alvin.

Additional music comes from Kevin Macleod. All Tracks Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License. Tracks in this Episode: Magic Scout Cottages, Samba Isobel, Bummin on Tremelo, Space 1990, Hard Boiled, Crunk Knight, Galway, Casa Bossa Nova, Mining by Moonlight, Secret of Tiki Island, BossaBossa, Bossa Antigua

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